Scientific Program

Download The MOP 2015 Program Here


MOP 2015 Scientific Organizing Committee:

Sven Simon (Georgia Tech, SOC Chair, EMail:

Chris Arridge (MSSL/University College London)

Fran Bagenal (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Cesar Bertucci (University of Buenos Aires)

Emma Bunce (University of Leicester)

Marcia Burton (NASA/JPL)

Masaki Fujimoto (JAXA)

Xianzhe Jia (University of Michigan)

Henrik Melin (Space Environment Technologies/Univ. of Leicester)

Carol Paty (Georgia Tech)

Chris Paranicas (JHU/APL)

Katerina Radioti (University of Liege)

Elias Roussos (Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research)

Philippe Zarka (Observatoire de Paris)


The following sessions will take place at MOP 2015:


Magnetospheric structure and dynamics: Observations

Conveners: Chris Arridge, Fran Bagenal, Marcia Burton, Masaki Fujimoto

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Michelle Thomsen (Plasma and magnetic field observations from source to sink at Saturn)
  • Barry Mauk (Interactions of plasma, energetic particles and neutrals at Jupiter)
  • Robert Strangeway (Observational lessons from Earth for the high latitude magnetospheres of giant planets)


Magnetospheric structure and dynamics: Theory/Modelling

Conveners: Chris Arridge, Xianzhe Jia, Carol Paty

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Nick Achilleos (Modeling of the magnetodiscs of the giant planets)
  • Peter Delamare (Global modeling of the dynamics of the giant planet magnetospheres)
  • Keiichiro Fukazawa (Global MHD simulations of Jupiter’s and Saturn's magnetospheres)


Energetic particles/ Radiation belt physics

Conveners: Chris Paranicas, Katerina Radioti, Elias Roussos

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Peter Kollmann (Radiation belts of Jupiter and Saturn compared)
  • Julien Girard (Remote observations of Jupiter's and Saturn radiation belts with LOFAR)


Periodic phenomena and rotation rates

Conveners: Emma Bunce, Xianzhe Jia, Philippe Zarka

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • David Southwood (The origin of Saturn's magnetic periodicities: Northern and southern current systems)
  • Gabrielle Provan (Saturn's magnetospheric oscillations)
  • Tom Hill (TUTORIAL: Rotation rates of the giant planets)


Auroral phenomena and MI coupling

Conveners: Henrik Melin, Carol Paty, Katerina Radioti

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • James O'Donoghue (Ground based studies of Saturn’s aurora)
  • Sarah Badman (In-situ + remote sensing study of outer planets' aurora)
  • Denis Grodent (Auroral emission at Jupiter)
  • Luke Moore (TUTORIAL: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling)


Moon-magnetosphere interactions (excluding Titan)

Conveners: Chris Paranicas, Elias Roussos, Sven Simon

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Tim Cassidy (Magnetospheric weathering of satellite surfaces)
  • Sean Hsu (Dust-plasma coupling at Enceladus)
  • Bertrand Bonfond (TUTORIAL: Auroral footprints of planetary satellites)


Titan's magnetospheric interaction

Conveners: Cesar Bertucci, Sven Simon

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Hanying Wei (Ion cyclotron waves at Titan)
  • Bill Kurth (Titan in the solar wind during T96)
  • Tom Cravens (TUTORIAL: Titan’s highly variable plasma interaction: A review after ten years of Cassini observations)


Future exploration of outer planet magnetospheres

Conveners: Fran Bagenal, Emma Bunce, Philippe Zarka

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Norbert Krupp (JUICE)
  • Tamas Gombosi (Cassini proximal orbits)
  • Vladimir Ryabov (Insights on Jupiter’s DAM Radio Emissions with Unlimited Spectral Resolution)