Presentation Guidelines

Information for authors:

  • Poster sessions: The boards are 38" tall and 48" wide.

  • Oral presentations: The length of the presentations is - 15 minutes (= 12 talk + 3 questions) for contributed talks - 20 minutes (= 15 talk + 5 questions) for invited talks - 30 minutes (= 25 talk + 5 questions) for tutorial talks Due to the high density of the oral program, chairpersons have been instructed to strictly stay within the time limits for their sessions. Therefore, if you would like to have questions/comments on your talk please make sure to leave sufficient time.

  • Presentation management system: MOP will use a presentation management software similar to the one used at the AGU Fall Meetings. All files for oral presentations need to be uploaded to that system at least 5 hours before the beginning of the session. Instructions will be provided soon.